We offer machining services insitu on vehicles for example extracting broken glow plugs, injectors or bolts.

Our mobile services are mainly available to garages as we require an air compressor on site (not provided by us) to operate our tools and may need the garage technician to remove components from the vehicle to gain access before we start.

Please contact us as we may be able to do any necessary repairs without the use of an air compressor or may be able to work on the vehicle at our workshop (vehicles left outside our workshop over night will be at owners own risk).

Please be aware that ANY insitu work always carries risks with it. We can, in no way, guarantee success in any work we carry out insitu, and therefore offer no warranty/liability for said work.

Glow Plug removal Insitu numerous risks include the following.

  • Only partial removal due to glow plug seizure
  • Swarf ingress through glow plug aperture in to combustion chamber
  • Glow plug tip dropping in to combustion chamber
Failure to remove a glow plug will mean the engine must not be started until all remnants have been removed.

Injector removal insitu numerous risks include the following.
  • Swarf ingress through injector aperture into combustion chamber
  • Injector removal may require hydraulic pressure in excess of 20 tons. Consequently damage is possible to engine components which we will not be
      liable for

We do not test, service, recondition or reprogram injectors.
Any injectors that we fit supplied by customers cannot be warranted by us.

Broken studs/bolts removal insitu numerous risks include the following.

  • Breaking through to water gallery due to thin casting or correcting previously failed repair attempted by other parties

  • If original thread is damaged, we always try to repair to original size and pitch, but in certain situations we may need to convert to the next available size